The House of Betrayal

Or -- Amber's Insane Ranting

5 March 1975
Denver, Colorado, United States
Albert D. Lawton Middle School - Essex Junction VT (1986 - 1989)
Essex High School - Essex Junction VT (1989 - 1993)
Interests: (38)
airwolf, beauty and the beast, cats, chocolate, colorado avalanche, colorado mammoth, colorado rapids, colorado rockies, country music, cryptozoology, dale earnhardt, dale earnhardt junior, dallas, dallas cowboys, denver nuggets, denver outlaws, dogs, g.i. joe, ghosts, guiding light, haunted places, hawaii five-0, horses, jag, jem & the holograms, lake champlain, magnificent seven tv series, navy midshipmen, new york yankees, paranormal events, smallville, the dukes of hazzard, the young riders, transformers, university of vermont, vermont, vermont lake monsters, without a trace
I'm 35, From Denver, CO by way of Essex Junction, VT. I traded Holsteins for Herefords, it's still a cowtown. If anyone stumbles in here from EJHS, I'm Class of 1993. Yeah, you remember me -- the drugged-out psycho freak from the retard room whose Daddy wasn't a Beemer manager or engineer, but was uppity enough to think she still was entitled to the same rights as the 'normal humans.'
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